This is a place full of simple remedies for moms who’s just starting their digital entrepreneur journey.

As a mom myself, I started my entrepreneur journey right when pandemic just happened, my salary got cut 40%, and my son was only a 3 months old fresh baby. I totally under stand how struggle you are, you want it to be simple, and not taking too much of our time and energy, because family always comes first for us. 

That’s why I started my brand – Le Petit Remedy.

If you are just starting out your digital entrepreneur journey, everything is overwhelming… Especially the tech part, there are just too many options out there and they sound complicated! This is a simple list to help you have a good start build your business minimum design & tech headache.

    Hi! I'm Emi Osborn

    I’m your tech nerd coach with designer eyes.

    I’m here to help you build a solid entrepreneur foundation with zero tech and design headache, with clarity and simplicity.

    Most Popular Resources

    A free workshop to help you deep dive into each tech platforms, pros and cons, to help you find the perfect tech stacks just for your business.

    A free community for moms to connect with like minded moms. It’s all about mom’s life and starting a business.

    What they say about me

    Sarah H.
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    “One of the things that I love about having Emi as my coach is her ability to balance a focused structured approach with her bubbly flow of encouragement. It helps me to feel safe to be vulnerable and honest because she has a way of creating this safe container for me to seek help and share things about myself that I didn’t even know were there until I got in a session with her. I adore Emi and have been recommending her to others, even men who need a guide to help them transform both their personal and professional lives. Thank you Emi for holding me accountable with my goals and helping me to melt away my blocks. You are a light in this world. ”
    Agnes F.
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    “Thank you so much for your help with my landing page project. With your easy tutorials, it helped me discover it's really easy to achieve what I want to do! I no longer suffering from tech trauma."
    Courtney R.
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    “Emi is such an amazing coach! She has such a warm presence and she held such beautiful space for me as we worked on my business goals and next steps. She was so warm and encouraging and really supported me in my vision. I would highly recommend working with Emi!"
    Francesca J.
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    “Thank you so much, Emi! I loved your tutorials. I really love it!!!! I am hoping to reach my goals together. I hope you'll release more mindful stuff that we can use as entrepreneurs and mothers.😊 ”